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Some Q&A from the BLG Bamboozle Twitter Takeover!

Q: Is it exciting to be playing a big festival after some time off?
A: We cannot wait to get on stage again, FINALLY

Q: Are you guys going to headline tour the US anytime soon?
A: We are getting our US tour worked out right now!

Q: When does the album come out?
A: Summer!!!

Q: How is your bamboozle set going to differ from previous ones?!
A: First show back, pure insanity

Q: Favorite thing about touring?
A: Everything about the lifestyle. new place every day w/ best friends in the world.

Q: What is your favorite song that you guys have recorded?
A: I am loving Stuck In The Middle right now -Paul

Q: Who are you most excited to play with/see perform at Bamboozle???
A: Oh cmon, JOVI

Q: Do you actually like girls or is that just a ploy?
A: We love

Q: What bands do you listen to, to pump you up?
A: Bring Me The Horizon at the gym. -Paul

Q: Will you be walking around before/after? or doing a meet and greet type thing?
A: All day long (Sunday)

Q: How long will your set be?
A: As many songs as we can squeeze in

Q: Will you be doing signings once your new CD comes out?
A: Absolutely

Q: Where do you guys go after Bamboozle?
A: More shows all summer and fall, etc!